Cool & Wild Wolf Bedding

Wolf Themed Bedding


Wolves are creatures of the forest that stirs the hearts and imagination of all who hear their spine-tingling howl. There is no two ways about it, you either love them or loath them. For those who love the beauty, grace and intelligence. For them there is Wolf Design Bedding.

These are plush and warm Korean Mink Blankets have a wide selection of Wolf Bedding Set. There are also many interior decorating ideas that you can use to bring out the call of the wild in your bedroom.

Lodge Wolf Deer Bear Wolves – 8pc Cabin Comforter SetThis rustic patchwork king sized comforter is a soft brown with sections that include bear, wolf, elf and deer. It also has mountains and pines.

This is a perfect wolf theme bedding set for up north in a cabin or your home, bringing the heart of the wild to you. This has a down home country feel to it.

Wolf Breakout Queen Size Plush Raschel Mink BlanketThis queen sized ultra lush blanket is stunning. It’s of a wolf leaping through the blanket into your bedroom. It’s so realistic it will take your breath away.

Wolf Song Comforteris a blanket for anyone who loves wolves. This is a blue blanket with grey wolves on it. Some are howling to the expansive skies while others are proud and free.

Howling Wolf Bedding - this is of a winter landscape with white wolves and a blue forest with a rising moon. This bedding with wolves, has a wolf head howling to the stars.

These are just a few of the Wolf Print Bedding and sets that you can find over the Net. These are soft and silky to the touch and the design on the comforter will last a long time for you to enjoy.

Wolf Bedding for Kids

Children love dogs, some love wolves even. When they need new bedding they want something cool that impress their friends. To make their room their own with their tastes and likes over over the walls, bed and furniture in the room.

Grey Wolf Pack Bedwill do al that. It is a pack of wolves in a forest. This is realistic that will blow everyone away when they see it. This blanket is soft and cozy when he wants to get away from the world all he must do is come to his room.

This is another bedding set that your child will be sure to love. It’s King Fleece Wolf Animal Comforter Set. This is a four piece set is beautiful and impressive for anyone. There is a light blue border with white wolf paws. There is a dark gray border that surrounds the picture of two wolves. This is an impressive set that wolf lovers will go crazy for.

The Blue White Wolf Lodge Cabin King Comforter Set is the perfect comforter for those long cold nights. This can be used for cabins while on summer vacation or visiting grandparents. I’s a soft blanket with a pack of wolves in the snow. This captures their wildness and loyal nature.

Wolf Design Bedding will bring the wild into your home. Wolves are mysterious and misunderstood wild animals that have been reversed or vilified for thousands of years. These blankets will be prized by you and your family for years to come. Don’t forget to add accessories to make your wolf themed bedroom the best it can be.

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